DJ Motiv

DJ MotivI am sure DJ Motiv is busy busy, and we are waiting for him to get a break to send us his Bio. So here is a litte story for you, but it's not about the DJ, no really it's not. Before i could say anything back she straddled me slowly and lowered her lips toward my neck. The closer she got the more i felt the chills as her breath caught the side of my neck right before her lips made contact. I couldnt even think or move as my mind was racing with lust and getting my first lap dance! Her moist and warm lips moved up and down my neck and i could feel her pelvis grinding right above my almost fully erect dick. After the teasing had stopped for a couple seconds she stood up and turned around to where her back was facing me. She was still glancing up at the tv and moving her sexy body to the music that was still on the scene of the movie. She reached down and put both her thumbs on each side if her waist band and slowly pulled down her shorts revealing the most amazing, rounded ass i have ever seen. Under her shorts were a white a black lace see through thong. She was fully bent over with her ass a foot away from me. It was sooooo perfect and round and i could just make out the shape and slit of her amazing pussy.