DJ Pamdemonium

DJ Pamdemonium 2Picked up djing in 2006 following a divorce that had left her in shambles. She quickly learned from a fellow female dj on vinyl with a generic 2 channel mixer and perfected her sound with the numerous opportunities that laid in her path. She opened for Tiesto in 2008 and that solidified her passion for performing. Playing a mix of Electro, breaks, mashups, fidget and house, she has honed the skill to really make a crowd get up and dance. Pamdemonium has been booked in San Antonio, Port Aranses, Austin and San Fransisco to various clubs, venues, online radio stations, festivals and charity events furthering her dj career and sharpening her skills. Today Pamdemonium books and plays for shows in San Antonio performing alongside dozens of the city's talented djs and tagging with them to further perfect the sounds that she has grown to love. The future of Pamdemonium lays bright and her personality along with her taste in music has really made her the perfect element to make an atmosphere of any party.