April 7th, 1996 – San Antonio Feitsh Ball (Exotic Easter)



The very first San Antonio Fetish Ball was held on Easter Sunday 1996 at the Cameo Theater in St. Paul Square. The event was on Easter Sunday for two reasons, the cost of leasing a venue on Sunday was very cheap and Exotic Easter had a nice ring to it. The event was conceived as a launch for the band Flesh Fetish on their spring tour.

    March 30th, 1997 – San Antonio Fetish Ball (Exotic Easter 2)
Exotic Easter 2 Exotic Easter 2

In the fall of 1996, we attended the Skin Two Rubber Ball and were invited to the Torture Garden Fetish Club by Tim Woodward whom we met while on tour earlier in the year. At Torture Garden we met David and Allen, the two men behind Torture Garden, and we invited them to the US to attend this event, and to tour with Flesh Fetish on the West Coast. We started everything off with a show in Houston TX, Saturday, and then drove west to San Antonio for Exotic Easter 2. The party was a huge success and got us into a little trouble, but no arrests were made.

    April 20th, 2003 – San Antonio Fetish Ball (Exotic Easter 3)
Exotic Easter 3 Exotic Easter 3

The third Exotic Easter was held at Sam's Burger Joint, a local live music venue. This Easter was all about bringing back the one event that started it all! We decided to make the event an annual one, in combination with all the other events and productions we were doing at the time.

    April 11th, 2004 – San Antonio Fetish Ball (Exotic Easter 4)
ExoticEaster4F ExoticEaster4B

The fourth Fetish Ball was also at Sam’s Burger Joint, with an ever growing crowd of enthusiastic attendees.  We expanded the stage production and included more outside talent from small performance troupes from around the state of Texas.

    March 26th, 2005 – San Antonio Fetish Ball (Exotic Easter 5)
ExoticEaster5F ExoticEaster5B

We moved the fifth fetish ball to the Saturday before Easter. The demand of the community to be able to attend and enjoy a Saturday night event influenced our transition to Saturday. This move and the use of more talented performers and custom photography for promotions, we had one of the largest showings to this date.

    April 6th, 2006 – San Antonio Fetish Ball (Exotic Easter 6)
ExoticEaster6P ExoticEaster6ILR

The sixth fetish ball we decided to expand our talent and marketing and brought in Angela Ryan and Athena Fatale two growing talents in the fetish modeling and burlesque performance worlds. We wrapped the event in a vaudeville theme and were very happily surprised at the number of attendees and the overall acceptance of the event by the community. The adding an additional theme of Easter and Vaudeville worked seamlessly with the patrons enjoying the multi-faceted aspects of the event and dressing to fulfill them.

    April 7th, 2007 – San Antonio Fetish Ball (Exotic Easter 7)
ExoticEaster7f_ ExoticEaster7_Back

The seventh fetish ball we launched with an Easter and Vegas theme, the 777 we just could not help but use Vegas. We focused on the stage at this production and wrote our own 3 ACT play, each act lasting a short time allowing the patrons to enjoy the DJs, lighting, and full dungeon we have set up at all the Fetish Balls. This event was larger than we expected and we had to expand to just outside the venue to a fenced in area. A few of the side performance and vendors we had to move to this area too. We saw this as a sign that while Sam’s felt like home, it was time to find a bigger home.

    March 22nd, 2008 – San Antonio Fetish Ball (Exotic Easter 8)
ExoticEaster8f ExoticEaster8b

The eighth fetish ball we chose a pinup girl theme and brought back the lovely and even more talented Angela Ryan to headline our performance and gathered burlesque troupes from Dallas, TX and Austin, TX to perform on stage as our ever lovely drag queen host brought the crowd to new heights. The Venue was a wonderfully large location with split levels and multiple rooms allowing us for the first time to setup a private dungeon space and VIP section and to bring in more DJs for the locations and expand our multimedia installation with a live VJ.

    April 11th, 2009 – San Antonio Fetish Ball (Exotic Easter 9)
ExoticEaster9F ExoticEaster9B

The ninth fetish ball we moved to another venue to accommodate the growth of the event and to provide our patrons with more vendors and multiple rooms. This event had a medieval theme partnering with the ever present theme of Easter. We brought in additional lighting and had to add more DJs and talent to the lineup. The event was an amazing success.

    April 3rd, 2010 – San Antonio Fetish Ball (Exotic Easter 10)
ExoticEaster10F ExoticEaster10B

The tenth Fetish ball was moved again, the last venue was forced to close its doors. We moved to the largest live music venue in the city. The location had multiple rooms and an amazing stage. We pulled talent from around the city, staying local this time, to include more of the community and show off what the city of San Antonio had to offer.

    April 23rd, 2011 – San Antonio Fetish Ball (Exotic Easter 11)
ExoticEaster11P TOF EE 2011 bak final

For the eleventh fetish ball we moved again, but this time we moved to a location a few miles from the original start of the Fetish Ball. It is so nice to be back downtown in San Antonio. The venue is on the north side of the river walk and provided us with a basement to set up our dungeon and additional talent and DJs. The Korova is a large live music and arts venue catering to the alternative community. We feel very much at home here. This fetish ball we married a “Toy” theme and had another 3 act original play pulling the acting talent from around the state.

    April 7th, 2012 – San Antonio Fetish Ball (Exotic Easter 12)

The 2012 Fetish Ball we brought in a host we had at a previous event from LA, the lovely Dana DeArmond. I would recommend her to host any event she is wonderful. We also brought in as a special guest Gen Padova, retired adult performer and a very sweet tiny girl. The 2012 event had an unspoken theme of “STEAMPUNK”. The title of the event was “Fetish Through Time”, with featured performances by The Marque De Sade, Leopold von Masoch, and Pinup Girl and Leather Man from the 1950s (our current day industrial/goth/emo couple), and a future performance by Sex Bots.